2014 spring and summer sandals you deserve

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Miu Miu flat sandals this season is very neutral , brown and black two classic and compatible colors for interpretation , is also very simple lines sketched out the entire shape of shoes , neutral style, but in the details, there are women’s decorative glass balls decorated in keeping with the atmosphere of the summer, if you have a higher percentage or your body is very good, do not try to prevent the crystals are very clear ‘m a big girl , this sticky style.

Indian inspired ethnic elements are very beneficial to the many sites of national control Marquise girl this year in the spring and summer, the show had a gorgeous Indian party , the essence of Indian style using these beautiful accessories , photos, a few sandals are the last two years are very popular T- style but the material is actually full of Pro- India, but not too gorgeous soil gas close to life, we should try to do it in the choice of clothing for simple , density has caused people look comfortable.

UpominaetsyaSelin the spring and summer of this year , new shoes , a lot of people , of course, this fluffy candy-colored high-heeled shoes , in fact , not only hairy high-heeled sandals , to think, in fact , describing the ” sandals “, it seems , a little out of place because it is still considered to be round and round plush really has nothing to do sprohladnoy , but the easiest way from the point of view of whether it is the color , style , design, fabric or sewing as a creative fashion item , but did not wear a real high .

If you can not cope with the high-heeled shoes , and no fear of losing the momentum of flat shoes , it is advisable to try a thick with sandals . Given the trend in the spring and summer of this year , the wood is a good choice , Isabel Marant is in connection with the use of simple upper design with wooden sole Senior want to upper seam material rivets decorative highlight is the personality , the upper part is very small, so even if it is not full of rivets to be mixed feelings .

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Santoni fall and winter female models shoes

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The sleek design incorporates elements of British Drilling, with a strong nostalgic academic style. Built-in waterproof and overlying skin thick high-heeled, precisely fit agile urban women. A variety of colors with laces or buckle, slightly rough stitching soles multi-strand rope, black, light yellow color and a subtle combination of natural leather, all demonstrate the details of this show distinctive consideration and dedication toc.

Both for weekdays any wear, but also to walk in the rain Xpress, Cluana models can be described as the ultimate perfection of women’s boots. Minimalist lines of the design, through burgundy to blue to gray gradient multicolor subtle process, even more attractive. This also makes it a female shoe a classic essential. To become a true “passe-par-tout”, must also have the grace and wisdom of two aspects, such as bonded zippers, thick heeled, waterproof, for maximum grip rubber sole design, soft, comfortable and quality climax the leather.

Elegant and unique style, is gorgeous New Year at various occasions and design. Glittering, designed to taste trendy, bold avant-garde women and services. Comfortable fit of the models, 14-centimeter stiletto, black deer Piga composite silver leather, clever use of colored material sketched out clear lines of shoes. Slim lace women’s shoes, deerskin leather with a combination of gold, along with leather covered stiletto waterproof and manufactures highly visual impact of the contrast effect. Black velvet sandals, splash style Swarovski crystals. Wide belt and let it be fine with the combination of the season’s best with a tuxedo.

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2013 Winter STELLA LUNA salute Chinese craft

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STELLA LUNA 2013 autumn and winter design concept still combines Parisian elegance and architecture of modern geometric lines. Seemingly contradictory able to shift the modern woman perfectly embodies elegance.

Deconstructing line has always been known for STELLALUNA, intricate lines once again challenge this season, and the time-consuming production process shoes, flour right after laser processing and trimming stickers design, hollow boots filled with sporty design plus the elastic band, different materials and construction lines combined, sexy from the inside revealed. The world’s limited 30 pairs, only flagship store sold.

2013 Paris Fashion Week, high-profile cutting-edge designer Anthony Vaccarello show floor, STELLA LUNA first time he produced showpiece. In response to the big show, footwear designed with Anthony Vaccarello completely neutral theme ice season matches. Presented irregular cut sexy, and metal materials to build the tip cone ornaments ice cool, impressive. The “STELLA LUNA X Anthony Vaccarello” series of footwear sword easy road, rock, modern, rich flavor, leather girl exudes dangerous atmosphere.

This season in the upper line, the lines show the deconstruction of high art, the use of glossy leather texture to reflect the three-dimensional compression molding process, in order to show the simple sense of trimming process.
STELLALUNA season unique totem designs, fabrics with Italian calfskin lining plus foam combined with embroidered car line design, the entire pair of shoes more three-dimensional, unique embroidered totem is this year’s major promotional style.

Specially designed geometric patterns stick on thousands of pieces of Czech stones embellishment, rhinestone sheep anti-fur as a base, so that the whole pair of shoes more lightweight and comfortable.

Geometric Satin series STELLALUNA unique fabric, color with layered geometric patterns intertwined stack Satin specially treated surface also allows a more pearl feel.

Die on the instep of the series is characterized by leather trimmings, this one wrapped leather lace through the use of a model with PU mold, uppers with all kinds of different materials: Army leather, sheep suede, calfskin, tires made of yak .It is very distinctive series.

Ornate style of the rivet rivet becomes more delicate luxury, the size of two different specifications rivets, to smooth the lines of the design on the vamp, vamps nailing handmade and imported Satin, glossy leather perfect combination, so that the entire series is full of a unique sense of luxury rock.

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